Sports Team Photography

This shoot includes a Team Sports Photograph at your school, field, park or place of your choice. Usually, the Individual Sports Photos are taken at the same time and place, unless otherwise discussed.

Action Photography and Posed Action Photography is also available. CDs and posters are made from these photos.

Sports Packages are the best bargains and run from $20-$50.  Specialty items are available as Add-Ons and include:  Buddy photos, posters, blankets, mugs, buttons, magnets, keychains, bobble heads, dog tags, decals, memory mates and license plates, just to name a few.

All orders must be pre-paid on the day photos are taken.

We take credit card, cash or check--sales tax is included in the price.  There is a $15 returned check charge.

After the Team and Individual Photos are delivered, all photos will be displayed in an online gallery on this website. You may purchase additional prints/specialty items online using your credit card or through PayPal. Sales tax and shipping charges are added on to your transaction.

Also available:

1) Action shots of your teams/players for individual purchase

2) CD of action shots for use at banquets, newspapers, etc.

3) Camp photos

4) Individual & Family portraits

5) Senior portraits

6) Event Photography


Please contact me for more information, pricing or

to book your next Team Photography session!!     817-271-4126




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